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2017 was an exciting year for the Wolf Creek Winery.  Two hardy varieties of grapes were planted in a northern and southern location: Lakeside and Creekside. Geneva Red, a Zone 4 hardiness blue and black grape developed by Cornell University. Second, Edelweiss, a white variety developed by the University of Minnesota. The D'Amico family assembled at the Wolf Creek Retreat to resurrect the long tradition of Old World wine making that had existed in the D'Amico family for hundreds of years. This history of wine-making began in Duronia, Italy by Angelo D'Amico (born 1820), then continued by Micheleangelo (born 1855), Nicholino (born 1886), and brought to America by Micheleangelo D'Amico (born 1909). This technique of manual crushing and pressing of grapes was carried out by the existing D'Amico family: Nicholas, Thomas, Michael, and Nicholas' son, Dave D'Amico. They are proud to present the first pressings from the Wolf Creek Winery, the Russo & Bianco Blend. In 2018 the pressings from the prior year were decanted into bottles with the newly designed Wolf Creek Winery labels, and distributed to the extended D'Amico family and friends. The consensus is that the wine was a resounding success!

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