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  • Christine D'Amico


Updated: Jul 5, 2023

Sometimes a bride and groom find themselves in a situation where they are challenged to plan a wedding within a few weeks. Impossible? Not if you understand the parts of the wedding planning puzzle. Let's talk about Part One today: finding the right venue. In Dayton, Ohio if you're a bride and groom searching for an outdoor wedding venue look no further than the Wolf Creek Retreat! We have two venues to choose from Lakeside and Creekside and they both offer beautiful amenities for every budget. he professionals at Wolf Creek can help you find an open date and then help you find your perfect vendors from their Recommended Vendors list. These vendors know how to plan for their part of the puzzle which removes the pressure from the Bride and Groom. They know exactly what to do. Voila! You have your venue and vendors in place within a day or so. Tomorrow: Part Two: Find your dress and tuxes.


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