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  • PERSON IN CHARGE:  The client will appoint a family member or designee as the Person in Charge to ensure the contract rules are followed. Two warnings about any contract rule (EXCEPT ALCOHOL) will be charged at $150.00. VIOLATION OF ANY ALCOHOL RULES WILL RESULT IN AN IMMEDIATE LOSS OF PERFORMANCE DEPOSIT. Any damage will be determined after an assessment is made. Clean-up of any body fluids constitutes complete loss of deposit. The Person in Charge is responsible for helping their Vendors get unloaded at the Pavilion and showing them where they can park. The Wolf Creek Retreat will provide the Person in Charge with a map showing where vendors can park and also will walk them through “day of” procedures, when the Person in Charge is back for the Final Walkthrough.

  • WHAT SPACE/AREA AM I RENTING? Client is renting the picnic shelter and the area around the shelter that is cleared. The path leaving that area on the south is not part of permitted use. The path on the north side can be used by guests parking on the far/west side of the car bridge. The Person in Charge is responsible to make sure guests are not trespassing.

  • PARKING LOT: Guests are requested to not gather/mingle around the private residences or eat/drink in the parking lot area. Eating or drinking in the parking lot will result in an immediate loss of the entire Performance Deposit. The Person in Charge will monitor the parking lot to remind guests of these rules.

  • CLEAN-UP: The Wolf Creek Retreat is responsible for the food clean-up (remove plates, cups, etc. from tables) the night of the event, after the caterers leave, but the Person in Charge will ensure that any decorations brought by the client are removed. The caterers are responsible for taking any food trash that is generated by client’s guests before they leave (usually about 3 trash can liner full).  The Person in Charge will remind Client that Client is responsible for removing all cardboard/packaging that they bring in, as well as any food left over from food service. Client will supply their own trash can liners to remove the packaging (beer, wine, decorations) they bring in. The Person in Charge will ensure that client  returns all tables and chairs to their original position the evening before they leave or the day after. The Person in Charge will ensure that the Client disposes of any cigarette butts/greenery/glitter thrown on venue property. Cigarette butts not placed in the proper receptacle will result in an $150.00 loss of deposit.

  • D.J.’S: The Person in Charge will ensure Client is informed that the Wolf Creek Retreat may at its discretion, limit the time and/or sound level of live or recorded music, as a courtesy for the families who live at Elm Lake and for the neighbors who live within earshot of music/sound. The Wolf Creek Retreat has committed to the Perry Township Trustees, the families who live at Elm lake, and the neighbors, that we will be respectful of everyone’s peace and quiet. 80-85 decibels is a good sound level. The DJ and/or band must cease playing music and begin breakdown of their equipment one hour before the end of the contract. Client and Person in Charge need to communicate the Wolf Creek Retreat music sound level policy to their DJ. The Wolf Creek Retreat Venue Manager will issue warnings to the DJ if the sound level is too high. The second warning will cause the cessation of music. The Person in Charge ensures that DJ’s have equipment removed by 10:30 PM.

  • CHILDREN & PETS: The Person in Charge will ensure the following: In order to maintain the highest quality experience for all individuals attending our facility, complete respect is expected for the building grounds and staff. Parents will be fully responsible for their children and their behavior. The Wolf Creek Retreat requires that during the event parents must always remain with their children. A violation of this rule will forfeit client’s security deposit. The Wolf Creek Retreat requires a “child sitter/wrangler” be appointed by the client to supervise enforcement of the rule that: all children are the responsibility of their parents/guardian and must always be accompanied by a supervisor! Dogs and other pets are not allowed.

  • DECORATIONS: The Person in Charge will ensure the following: Clients may ADD decorations to the Wolf Creek Retreat, but they may not remove any existing Wolf Creek decorations. The pictures on the walls, lanterns, stools and wine barrels, wine boxes, tables and grape presses must be left in their original positions. Clients can use Command strips instead of staples, tacks, nails, adhesive, wire, sticker, or tape. All decorations used by client can be removed the evening of the event or between 9 and 12 the following day. Fog or smoke machines, live animals, and helium balloons will not be permitted. Open flames are not permitted at the Wolf Creek Retreat. Artificial votive candles or enclosed candles may be used on tables. Birdseed and flower petals may be thrown outside the building for weddings, however, the client is totally responsible for picking up all flower petals both real or reproduction. The throwing of rice, confetti, glitter, and balloon releases are prohibited. The Wolf Creek Retreat does not have treated water, so if there is anything that requires clear water (like in vases/decorating, etc.) make sure you bring your own. Client is responsible for supplying any propane heating devices or fans.

  • LIQUOR RULES AND GUIDELINES: The Person in Charge will ensure the following: All alcoholic beverages must be dispensed by the designated bartender of the event. The Wolf Creek Retreat requires an insured bartender or designee hired by the client to control and disperse alcohol to prevent serving alcohol to intoxicated guests and/or minors. Alcohol may not be consumed prior to event on any Wolf Creek Retreat property to include the parking lot.  VIOLATION OF ANY ALCOHOL RULES WILL RESULT IN AN IMMEDIATE LOSS OF PERFORMANCE DEPOSIT. The Client, its vendors, and the vendors’ agents are required to abide by the current Ohio liquor laws and therefore assume all responsibility and liability resulting from any violation of these laws. A liquor permit is not required if the event is private, admission is not charged, and there is not a cash bar. If liquor is being served, Host Liquor Liability Insurance must be purchased, and a certificate presented and kept on file by the Wolf Creek Retreat. To allow for the safety of your guests please encourage a designated driver policy.  Liquor can be served for 4.5 hours. Last call will be announced at the end of the 4th hour. Sponsors, guests, vendors or any other event participants are not permitted to bring any alcoholic beverages onto the premise prior to, during or after the event. Once on the Wolf Creek premises, all alcoholic consumption must end on any party bus or limo. The Wolf Creek Retreat has a no double and no shot policy at the facility. No beverages may be brought onto the property in cups, bottles, flasks, coolers, or other containers. Intoxicated persons, habitual excessive drinkers, and minors may not be served. No car bars or drinking from cars in parking lot

  • SUGGESTED DJ ANNOUNCEMENTS: The Person in Charge may have the DJ make the following announcements: Children must be accompanied by a parent; Smoking only in designated area behind Pavilion; The area across the bridge is off limits to guests for eating and drinking, smoking and mingling. No alcohol may be brought onto the Wolf Creek Retreat's premises except that alcohol purchased and served by a bartender hired by the contract signer.

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